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About Us

"I was born into a family of teachers - my mom, my dad, my grandmother, my aunts, my cousins -all teachers. I grew up with it and in it. I erased my mom's chalkboard at the end of each day. You could argue, it's in my blood." - Jen Hesseltine, Host, Fishbowl Hub 

As a former teacher and present-day designer of learning experiences for both students and teachers, my overall purpose is to inspire a love of learning well beyond the walls of a classroom or covers of a textbook. Fishbowl Hub is an opportunity for all of us to get together across K12 education - to crowdsource ideas, share resources, and to touch base with the folks inside and outside of K12 education. Let's use our collective stories and experiences to inform how we reach the next generation of students.

Upcoming (Free) Event for the K12 Crowd - May 15th

Join Jen Hesseltine on Friday, May 15th in the Fishbowl Hub for a quick chat with Stephanie Ng, Associate Director of TED-Ed Educator Talks. 

Attendees will leave with some great ideas for how educators and community members can celebrate the VOICES of the Class of 2020 in a new project known as #GraduaTEDTalk. If you are an educator, come for inspiration and ideas for celebrating this year's graduates. If you are a community member or parent who wants to celebrate the accomplishments of a graduate in a way that is as unique as this year's graduation situation - this chat is for you!

RSVP in the community EVENTS, then come back here at 1:00 PM EST on Friday, May 15th for this awesome LIVE chat! 

Why You Should Participate in the Fishbowl Hub

Join because you...

* are interested in exploring all the ways teaching and learning connects to the world beyond the walls of our classrooms and schools;

* see the value in a professional network that puts you in touch with folks in K12 education, as well as those on the periphery of K12 education - from other professions;

* have stories, ideas, resources, and experiences to share with the greater K12 education community and beyond!


A Big Thanks

Thank you...I am looking forward to seeing what we can build together! - Jen Hesseltine, Host of Fishbowl Hub

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